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Get Accordion Shutters for Your Property in Curacao

For homes, businesses and hotels in Curacao, accordion shutters provide excellent protection from tropical storms, wind and rain, sun, heat, and even theft. Maybe you don’t yet have shutters on your commercial or residential property in Curacao. Maybe the shutters you have aren’t working or are difficult to use. If so, you should consider installing accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your doors and windows.

Our accordion shutters are precisely manufactured to fit the size of each door, window and other opening in your order. Once you provide us with your measurements, we custom build your storm shutters at our warehouse. Accordion shutters are made of heavy-duty aluminum, and are available in four colors: white, ivory, beige or bronze. Accordion shutters in any of these four colors complement buildings of any color. The high-quality design of our accordion storm shutters look great on any building.

Once we have built your accordion shutters, we ship them to your property in Curacao by freight. Accordion storm shutters can be easily installed by you, your contractor, or a handyman. Installation instructions are available on our website. Once installed, your accordion shutters will glide open, and fold compactly at each side of the opening when closed. Our accordion shutters are well-built, and are durable enough to be used every day.

Accordion shutters have numerous benefits besides storm protection – though that is a valuable one! Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development not only offer protection from hurricanes, tropical storms, rain and wind, they can also keep your home cooler. You can close accordion shutters during the day to insulate your rooms from the heat, and protect the interior of your building from the sun. The sunny Caribbean climate is great for tourism, but constant sunlight can be damaging to furniture, artwork, and other valuables. Accordion shutters can provide shade and reduce the temperature of a room and reduce your cooling costs.

Accordion hurricane shutters are also an effective security measure for properties in the Lesser Antilles. Homes, stores, hotels, and other buildings in Willemstad and throughout Curacao can secure their windows and doors with accordion shutters. These shutters are built to fit securely over each opening, and are reinforced by a heavy-duty locking device. Because they are so sturdy and easy to use, accordion shutters are a popular security shutter option among our customers in the Caribbean. Business owners and homeowners in Curacao can safely lock up their property, and keep intruders out, with accordion shutters.

At Empire Construction & Development, our expertise in building allows us to provide the best shutters for storm protection, security, and more. To speak to us about your accordion shutters, call: 888-474-3555, or contact us for more information. Don’t wait to get accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development for your property in Curacao!