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How to Stay Safe During a Storm with Hurricane Panels

Hurricane season isn’t over yet. In fact, for many susceptible areas along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, as well as in the Caribbean, it’s just ramping up! Safety is the top priority for residents of storm-prone areas during hurricane season. Hurricane, tropical storms, and tropical cyclones cause high winds, potential flooding, and dangerous conditions when they make landfall. In addition to stocking up on storm supplies and preparing a storm safety plan for the whole family, property owners have one more important storm prep task on their lists: securing their homes and commercial buildings from the threat of storm damage.

Storm protection products from Empire Construction & Development are durable, tested for impact resistance, and easy to use. Hurricane Panels from Empire Construction & Development provide excellent protection from hurricanes and other storms at an affordable price. To keep your family safe and protect your property during a storm, just follow a few steps:

1.  Choose your storm panels – Aluminum hurricane panels and clear polycarbonate panels are available from Empire Construction & Development. If you want the most cost-effective option, aluminum storm panels are a great choice. If you want to be able to see out of your windows when you panels are up, clear hurricane panels are the product for you. If you want to use clear panels on some of your windows, and aluminum panels on the rest of them, you can get both in the same order.

2.  Order your storm panels – After you have provided us with your windows’ exterior measurements, we will send you a price quote for your panel order. Your storm panels will be sized to fit each of your openings. We will ship your panels and included installation hardware to you.

3.  Install your storm panel track – If you choose to order panel track, these tracks will be permanently installed above and below window. Our storm panels are made to fit easily into their upper and lower tracks. If you don’t want to use a track, our panels can be installed over each window without a track.

4.  Use your storm panels when you need them – Hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development are simple to put up, and can quickly secure your property. Clear storm panels can be left up all season, or – like aluminum storm panels – can be easily stacked and stored until the next storm is on its way.

To get started on your storm shutter order, contact us today with your product choice and window sizes. For questions about our aluminum hurricane panels or clear storm panels, or to find out about our storm panel deals this month, call: 888-474-3555. To keep your family and home safe during a storm, get the best storm panels available — high-quality hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development.