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Storm Panels for Holiday, Pasco County, Florida

Storm panels for properties in Holiday, Pasco County, Florida offer several benefits, and one of the most useful is that storm panels can be custom engineered for any opening.

The Census Designated Town of Holiday is no stranger to hurricanes. Over the years, it has suffered the wrath of Andrea in 2013, and before it Debby, Claudette, Fay, Barry, and many others.

Empire Shutters offer Holiday, Florida businesses and private properties the best quality storm panels that will meet custom specifications for the length and breadth of openings to be covered. As compared to flat panels, the 2” and 2 ¼” profile design of storm panels by Hurricane Shutters Florida, are 25% stronger. These comply with the wind codes of Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.

You can choose from stainless steel panels, aluminum panels, and Protexan storm panels. Clear Protexan panel afford a clear view. These lightweight panels allow the passage of light, bringing down power bills and also disinfecting the interiors with the natural goodness of sunlight. Storm panels offered by Hurricane Shutters Florida carry a 10-year warranty against yellowing and breaking, and when placed along with storm bars, they can cover a height of up to 20 feet.

Your property can be secured in less than one hour. The panels slide easily into a header track and are fastened to the track below. We use wing nuts with washers. You can also opt for panels that can be directly attached to the walls with a concrete anchor and stainless-steel screws.

The steel panels we offer are the cheapest option. They are ideal for heavy-duty security requirements of commercial establishments. You can choose to place alternate strips of clear panels and metal panels to allow passage of light while not totally opening up the interiors to the outside.

The following lengths are in stock: 33″, 45″, 58″, 69″, 88″, 104″.