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How to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes in Jefferson Parish Louisiana with Reliable Hurricane Shutters

How do hurricanes cause damage to homes and other buildings? With the high wind and heavy rain they bring. This can cause broken windows, flooding, other wind and water damage, and more. If you don’t have storm protection for all of the windows, doors, and other vulnerable openings on your home property in Jefferson Parish, don’t wait any longer to order the best storm shutters.

What hurricane shutters provide the best storm protection for homes in Louisiana? The storm shutters you buy should be:

*Able to withstand hurricane-force winds

*Able to deflect flying debris

*Made of weatherproof material

*Easy to use

When a storm is coming your way, you won’t want to second-guess the strength of your shutters, and you surely won’t want to see them flying off your home once the winds pick up. At Empire Construction & Development, our sturdy storm shutters are made to fit precisely and securely over each of your windows and doors. We manufacture accordion shutters and rolling shutters to fit the measurements of windows, doors, storefronts, patios areas, and more for customers in Jefferson Parish. We also provide our customers with the number of storm panels they need to completely cover their windows without any extra overhang or exposed gaps.

Our storm protection products are designed to hold up against hurricanes and tropical storms. Even a category 2 hurricane is likely to have winds over 100 MPH. When a strong storm threatens your property in Jefferson Parish, don’t trust just any storm shutter. Hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty aluminum, tested for impact-resistance, and adhere to the most stringent wind codes in the country.

At Empire Construction, our storm shutters are easy to install and easy to use. We can help you protect your property with:

*Accordion hurricane shutters

*Roll-down hurricane shutters

*Aluminum storm panels

*Clear Protexan storm panels

And more. All of these storm protection products allow our customers in Jefferson Parish to quickly and easily secure their homes, offices, restaurants, and storefronts when a storm threatens the area.

At Empire Construction & Development, we know storm protection. We provide durable storm shutters to customers in areas that see the most storms. Take a look at our customer testimonials, and let us help you protect your property in Jefferson Parish too.

How can you order hurricane shutters? Select the product that’s best for your commercial or residential property in Jefferson Parish, and take the outside measurements of the windows and doors you need covered. Then, contact us with this information for a free price quote. Call: 888-474-3555 for any questions about choosing the best storm shutter for your home and to hear this month’s special offers. Get hurricane shutters you can rely on in Jefferson Parish when you order accordion shutters, rolling shutters, or storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.