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How Accordion Shutters Can Keep Homes and Commercial Buildings in Bay County, FL Safe from Hurricanes

If you live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you are no strange to hurricane preparation. Every few years, a storm passes through the Gulf and sometimes makes a direct hit to Florida’s panhandle, as Hurricane Michael did recently. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes can devastate an area and require massive cleanup efforts. If your town is in the projected path of a hurricane, the best thing you can do is to be prepared. If an evacuation is ordered, get to a safe area while you are able to do so. If you’re able to stay in your home, make sure you have water and other supplies. And whether you stay in your home or leave town before a hurricane hits, you can secure your doors and windows with storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Most hurricanes bring high winds and heavy rainfall to an area. These conditions will likely pose a threat to your property in Bay County, FL. Hurricane-force winds can be strong enough to turn ordinary objects into dangerous flying projectiles, which can break uncovered windows. Window damage during a hurricane is dangerous in more ways than one – your home’s structure is compromised, broken glass and flying debris enters your home, and rain pours in. You can protect against wind and water damage with sturdy aluminum accordion shutters, manufactured and sold by Empire Construction & Development.

Accordion shutters are among the best hurricane shutters for homes and commercial buildings in Bay County, Florida. Accordion shutters manufactured by Empire Construction & Development are:

*Custom-Built – We make custom-sized accordion shutters to fit each of the windows and doors in your order. We build shutters to the window and door measurements you provide us with.

*Easy to Use – Accordion hurricane shutters are easily installed on the right and left side of each opening, and pull shut along a built-in track. Your windows and doors can be secured quickly and easily – one reason that hurricane shutters are better than plywood.

*Strong and Reliable – Our accordion shutters are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, tropical storms, and other bad weather. Strong aluminum slats effectively block high windspeeds and shield your windows from debris. Accordion storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development meet the most stringent wind code standards in the country and are a valuable addition to any building in a storm-prone area.

Your home, office building, hotel, restaurant or storefront in Bay County can be secured from storms when you order hurricane shutters online from Along with accordion shutters, we provide many other great storm protection products to our customers in Bay County and throughout the Gulf Coast. For a free quote on accordion shutters or another type of shutter for your windows and doors, contact us today. Keep your home or commercial building in Bay County safe from storms with accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.