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Hurricane Panels are Better than Plywood for Tallahassee Homes and Businesses

Whenever a hurricane is on its way to a city in Florida, there are a few familiar sites you can count on seeing: weather reporters in storm ponchos standing on beaches, cars packing the roads as evacuees get out of the storm’s path, locals lining up for storm supplies, and the plywood going up. Yes, some people who live in the hurricane-prone state of Florida are still using squares of plywood to protect their windows during a storm. But there is a better storm protection option – storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.

Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to buildings. Some of this damage occurs when windows are broken during a storm. Ever lower-category storms can have windspeeds of over 100 MPH. Wind speeds of this intensity can threaten homes, stores, restaurants, and other commercial buildings in Tallahassee. High winds can turn everyday outdoor objects into flying projectiles, which can break windows and allow wind, rain, and debris into your building during a hurricane.

To prevent this damage from broken windows, you should cover your windows with a high-quality storm protection product. While plywood will cover your windows, storm panels will cover your windows more effectively – and better protect your home from broken glass, strewn debris, and water damage. Storm panels from Empire Construction & Development are designed to be 25% stronger than plywood and the average flat panel on the market. Our storm panels are also made to cover your windows completely, unlike plywood which can leave uncovered gaps on the windows of your home or office building in Tallahassee. And unlike standard plywood, which absorbs water and is likely to rot after enough soakings, aluminum storm shutters repel water and dry completely for easy and safe storage after a storm.

Aluminum storm panels from Empire Construction & Development are:

*Sized to fit each window on your home

*Available in stock sizes too

*Custom designed to blend well with the style of any home

*Available with or without reinforced track

Clear storm panels are also available when you order hurricane panels from  These clear polycarbonate panels offer many of the same benefits and features that aluminum panels do, with one extra bonus – you can see through them! Shuttering up your home leaves it dark inside, and when the power goes out in a storm, this is can be an inconvenient or even dangerous condition in your home. Clear hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development fully protect your windows, while letting daylight in and allowing you to see out safely once the storm has passed.

At Empire Construction & Development, we are experts in hurricane protection. We can advise you on the best shutters and storm protection materials for your home or commercial building in Tallahassee. To speak to a member of our storm protection team, call: 888-474-3555. Contact us today for a free quote for your storm panels or any of the other hurricane shutters we provide. Order storm panels from Empire Construction & Development for high-quality, safe hurricane protection in Tallahassee.