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How to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes in Calhoun County, Florida with Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Anyone who has ever been through a hurricane knows how unpredictable these storms can be. A small storm can do more damage than expected, and a large storm can grow even larger and more dangerous when it reaches the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. What starts out as wind and rain can leave a trail of damage that takes weeks or months to clean up. Even inland cities of Florida’s panhandle may be at risk when it comes to a hurricane or a tropical storm. To protect your home or other building from damage due to hurricanes, tropical storms, and other bad weather in Calhoun County, you can install accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your windows and doors.

You can use our sturdy accordion shutters to protect against:

*Flying debris

*Wind damage


*Broken glass

and other hazards during a storm in Calhoun County. Accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. These shutters close securely over windows, doors, storefront windows, and can be used on large openings like patio areas, balconies, warehouse doors, and more. Accordion shutters also make excellent security shutters for your home, store, or business in northern Florida. Our accordion hurricane shutters can be installed by a handy homeowner who wants to tackle a DIY project, by a handyman, or by a contractor in Calhoun County.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture accordion shutters to custom fit the windows, doors, and other openings on our customers’ homes and commercial buildings. When you tell us the shutter sizes you need for your building in Calhoun County, we will make shutters for you. You can choose from four colors for your accordion shutters: white, ivory, beige, or bronze. If you are looking for a shutter that you don’t have to put up and take down, and that is easy to open and close, consider our accordion storm shutters. Accordion hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development adhere to the strictest wind codes in the country and are engineered to withstand hurricanes and other storms.

We provide storm protection products that help keep our customers and their homes safe during storms. In addition to accordion shutters we also custom-make rolling storm shutters, Colonial storm shutters, Bahama storm shutters, and we sell aluminum storm panels, clear storm panels and more. Whatever type of storm shutter you’re looking for, find it at

Accordion shutters are an affordable and reliable way to secure your home or commercial property from storm damage in Florida’s panhandle. To get a price for accordion storm shutters, contact us or call: 888-474-3555 to discuss your order and hear about our storm shutter deals this month. Cover your windows and doors with accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development and stay protected during a hurricane in Calhoun County.