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What is the Best Type of Storm Protection for Buildings in Walton County, Florida?

Areas along Florida’s coastline need to have storm protection that meets certain standards. Since tropical storms and hurricanes from the Atlantic often strengthen when they reach the Gulf of Mexico, Florida’s panhandle is particularly vulnerable to hurricane damage. You can take steps to protect your home or commercial building by installing storm shutters on your windows and doors. But when you do buy storm shutters in Walton County, they should be:

*  Impact rated

*  Built to withstand high winds

*  Made of a durable material

*  Easy to operate when needed

Any shutters that don’t meet these standards may not give you the level of storm protection you need. Fortunately, Empire Construction & Development manufactures hurricane shutters that are built to meet the needs of building owners living in areas at risk for hurricane strikes, including Walton County, Florida.

Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are a popular storm protection product that are used on homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, and other buildings throughout Florida. These shutters are well-liked because they’re sturdy, easy to operate, and add to the value and safety of your home or commercial building. And, of course, they are able to stand up to storms year after year.

Our accordion hurricane shutters are made of durable extruded aluminum, and built to adhere to the most stringent wind codes in the country. What does that mean for homeowners in Walton County? When you order your accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development, you will have the best storm protection available, built to the highest standards, and they’ll be custom-made to fit your windows and doors.

Accordion storm shutters can be used on most window sizes, most any exterior door, and other openings on your property like patio areas, balconies, and more. If there is an area on your home or commercial building that can be damaged by high winds, flying debris, and other storm dangers, don’t leave that area unprotected – cover it with a strong, reliable accordion shutter or another high-quality storm protection product from Empire Construction & Development.

After hurricane season passes, our accordion shutters are still useful for homeowners and business owners in Walton County, FL. If a shutter is strong enough to withstand a hurricane, it makes a great security shutter too. Accordion shutters made by Empire Construction & Development can be used to windows, sliding glass doors, storefronts windows, and more from break-ins, overnight or if you’re locking your home up while out of town.

To find out how much accordion shutters cost for your home or commercial building in Walton County, contact us with your window and door measurements today. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to our storm protection team about your order, or any questions you have about finding the best storm shutters for your property. Get the best storm protection you can find in Walton County – get accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development.