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Where to Buy Accordion Shutters for Your Home in Pensacola, Florida

If you live in Pensacola, protecting your home from future hurricanes and other storms may be on your mind. As hurricanes from the Atlantic reach the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, they can quickly strengthen. As these storms intensify, so does the danger for residents of Florida’s panhandle. The effects of a hurricane cannot be prevented entirely, but you can protect your home in Pensacola from many types of storm damage when you securely cover your windows and doors with hurricane-grade storm shutters.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture hurricane shutters to custom-fit your windows, doors, and other openings on your residential or commercial building in Pensacola. We provide our customers in Florida with:

*Accordion hurricane shutters

*Roll-down hurricane shutters

*Colonial Hurricane shutters

*Bahama hurricane shutters

And other dependable storm protection products for Florida residents. If you are looking for an affordable, versatile shutter, our accordion hurricane shutters may be right for you.

How do accordion storm shutters protect your Florida home? Durable hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used to cover windows, doors, patio areas, garage doors, storefronts, and other openings that are susceptible to damage during a hurricane or tropical storm. Storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty aluminum, a material that’s strong enough to stand up to hurricanes. Our accordion shutters are engineered to withstand the wind speeds of hurricanes and to deflect dangerous flying debris that, if you don’t have shutters on your windows, can do serious damage. Hurricane shutters keep your windows from breaking, keep dangerous outside debris and water from entering your home, and can keep you and your family safe inside your home during a storm.

How do you use accordion shutters? Accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are easy to use and allow you to quickly secure your home or other building in Pensacola before a storm comes. Our accordion shutters are made to be opened and closed along a built-in track. Accordion shutters pull shut from the left and right sides of each opening and close securely at the center of your window or door. A built-in locking device can be used on your accordion storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development for extra security.

How do you know if accordion shutters are right for your property? Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used to protect many types of windows, doors, and other openings from hurricane damage, other seasonal storm damage, and these shutters can also be used to protect against theft, heat, and the sun year-round. If you want to protect your windows and doors in Pensacola, give us a call at: 888-474-3555 to discuss your storm protection needs. Contact us for a free price quote on your storm shutter order. Get the best accordion shutters for your home in Pensacola when you order your hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.