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Where to Order Storm Panels for Homes and Other Buildings in Washington County, Florida

Do you have old plywood in your garage or shed, waiting for the next storm? Many people in Florida are still using plywood to cover their windows and storefronts before a hurricane. But plywood can be hard to install over windows, hard to store, and start to break down after a while. While plywood will cover your windows, there is another option for keeping your home or commercial building safe during a storm: hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development.

What makes storm panels from great? Lots of things. First of all, they work. Storm panels from Empire Construction & Development securely cover windows, garage doors, and other openings that can be damaged by wind and flying debris during a hurricane in northern Florida. Our storm panels are built with a two-inch rise panel design, which makes them significantly stronger than flat panels or plywood. When a storm is coming your way, the strength of your storm protection will matter – don’t take a chance on window coverings that might not hold up against powerful storms, use sturdy storm panels from Empire Construction & Development for your property in Washington County.

Secondly, storm panels are easy to use. See how easy it is to install hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development in the video at the bottom of our storm panel product page.  When a hurricane is projected to head your way, you will want to be able to secure your home and any other properties you own quickly and easily. Our aluminum hurricane panels and clear hurricane panels can be installed over your windows horizontally or vertically, with or without track. When you order storm panels from us at, all of the hardware you need to install your hurricane panels in Washington County, FL will be included with your order. Storm panels are also easy to stack and store in a garage, shed, or other storage area when not in use.

One more benefit of hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development is that they last. Our aluminum panels are made to hold up against the elements, and our clear polycarbonate panels are designed to be resistant to yellowing, and corrosion, and will not shatter during a storm. Unlike plywood, water and mud won’t soak in to storm panels — they will dry off and stay clean for easy storage and be ready for use when you need them again.

Protect your home or other building with something stronger than plywood. Contact us today for more information on ordering storm panels, or call: 888-474-3555 for questions about getting storm protection for your property in Washington County, Florida. Keep your windows covered during a storm in north Florida with durable hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development.