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Order the Best Accordion Storm Shutters in Coastal South Carolina

From beachfront homes and hotels to historic buildings near the sea, South Carolina’s buildings need the best storm protection before hurricane season returns. What can you do to protect your home or commercial building from the threat of storm damage this coming year in coastal South Carolina? One of the most surefire ways to get a safer home is to install strong, storm-grade hurricane shutters on your windows and doors. Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are an easy and convenient way to secure your windows and doors from storm damage, theft, and more in coastal South Carolina.

Accordion Shutters Half Close

Accordion Shutters Half Close

What are the uses for accordion storm shutters?

Accordion storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development are durable, multi-purpose shutters built for homes and commercial buildings. Firstly, these shutters protect against hurricane and tropical storm damage to buildings in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and along South Carolina’s east coast. They are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, rain, and flying debris for buildings on the east coast and throughout the most storm-prone areas of the US. But accordion shutters from Empire Construction can also be used for security, privacy, shade, and to reduce the heat or cold air that can enter your home around your windows. Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are popular as storm shutters and as security shutters for homes, office buildings, restaurants, storefronts and more in South Carolina.

Do accordion storm shutters come in standard sizes?

At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-make accordion shutters for our customers in coastal South Carolina. Whether you have standard size windows, small or large windows, atypical openings, or some combination of these on your home or commercial building, we can build the accordion shutters you need. Accordion shutters can be used on most window and door sizes, including uniquely-shaped openings, very large windows or sliding doors, or other areas on your property that need hurricane and/or theft protection. To install accordion shutters on your windows, doors, garage doors, patio areas and more, you just need to be sure you have enough space on the side of each opening for the shutter to fold when open. Have questions about fitting accordion hurricane shutters on your windows or doors? Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to one of our storm protection experts about finding the right storm shutter size and type in South Carolina.

Where can I buy accordion storm shutters in coastal South Carolina?

You can order custom accordion shutters in South Carolina from our website, We manufacture accordion shutters and other storm shutters in South Florida, and ship to our customers throughout the US and beyond. Contact us for more information on ordering accordion shutters for your windows and doors in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, or elsewhere in coastal South Carolina. Order the best accordion storm shutters in coastal South Carolina when you order your hurricane shutters online from Empire Construction & Development.