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Purchase Superior Storm Panels in Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Pawleys Island is an idyllic place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the Carolinas. When preparing for the upcoming tourism season, there’s something you shouldn’t overlook for you home or other building on this barrier island in Georgetown County: storm protection. Hurricane season can be unpredictable. If one or more storms threaten the coast of South Carolina, residents and property owners should take every precaution they can to protect their windows from storm damage. Purchasing reliable storm panels for your home or commercial building in Pawleys Island now can help you prepare for the possibility of storms in the future.

How do you install storm panels?

Storm panels from Empire Construction & Development can be easily installed over most windows. Storm panels can be hung horizontally or vertically. And our storm panels can be used with storm panel track, or installed without panel track. See how to install storm panels from Empire Construction & Development when you scroll down on our storm panel product page.

Can hurricane panels be used on doors too?

Hurricane panels in Pawleys Island can be used on many types of doors, including garage doors, sliding glass doors, patio doors, and more. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to one of our storm shutter experts and find out which storm protection product will be best for your door or window protection needs.

Do you make panels that I can see through?

Absolutely. Our clear polycarbonate storm panels give you all of the dependable, hurricane-rated protection you need in Pawleys Island, and let you see out of your windows too. These clear panels an be used entirely on your windows, or you can add a clear panel to your aluminum storm panels, for a section of visibility on each window that’s covered.


Where can I order storm panels in Pawleys Island South Carolina?

You can order affordable hurricane panels online at, the website of Empire Construction & Development, Corp. At Empire Construction & Development, we sell reliable storm panels to homeowners and commercial building owners in South Carolina and throughout the US. Your storm panels will be shipped directly to you when you order storm panels or other storm shutters online from our website.

Clear & Aluminum Storm Panels Installed Window

If you’re looking for another type of affordable storm shutter in Pawleys Island, we also manufacture accordion storm shutters, rolling storm shutters, colonial storm shutters, and Bahama storm shutters. Find the best storm shutter or storm panel for your building, and get an early start on your storm preparation in South Carolina.

For a free estimate on the cost of storm shutters in Pawleys Island, contact us today. Don’t forget about protecting your windows and doors – buy high-quality storm panels online in Pawleys Island, South Carolina from Empire Construction & Development.