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Strong Bahama Shutters in Wilmington, North Carolina

Residents of Wilmington and tourists who come to this coastal city in North Carolina love its charm, its rich history, and its proximity to several beautiful beaches. You can find fun activities and events to keep you busy in Wilmington year-round. But another thing you may want to consider year-round in Wilmington is window protection. Hurricanes and tropical storms are a threat to your home or commercial building’s safety during hurricane season, and other season storms and bad weather conditions can be problematic throughout the rest of the year. One solution for keeping your building safe from damage in Wilmington, North Carolina is to install strong Bahama Shutters made by Empire Construction & Development on your windows.

Decorative Bahama Shutters

Decorative Bahama Shutters

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture custom storm shutters for windows, doors, and other areas on your house or commercial building in Wilmington, North Carolina. Since coastal North Carolina is an area of the US that is prone to hurricane strikes, homeowners and business owners in Wilmington need to take the proper precautions in protecting their buildings from storm damage. Our Bahama hurricane shutters are built to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country, and are manufactured from heavy-duty extruded aluminum for durable and reliable storm protection every hurricane season in Wilmington.

Bahama shutters from Empire Construction & Development are permanently installed on windows and open at a 45-degree angle. A built-in support arm on each shutter allows you to open your Bahama Shutter to a 60-degree angle. You can use them on several front porch windows, or on all of the windows on your home, hotel, restaurant, retail store or office building in Wilmington.

Our Bahama Shutters are useful all year in Wilmington. Bahama shutters from Empire Construction & Development keep your home cool and add shade during the hot summer months. You can open your windows and Bahama shutters during the fall and spring to let the breeze in. And you can use your aluminum Bahama shutters to cover your windows during the cold winter months in Wilmington, keeping the inside of your building warmer. Bahama shutters can be used to protect against winter storms in North Carolina too.

Bahama hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are available in a wide variety of Bahama shutter colors sure to look good on any home or other building in Wilmington. To get more information on buying Bahama shutters in Wilmington, North Carolina, including shutter prices and shipping costs, measuring questions, and more, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to a member of our knowledgeable team. Get an early start on your storm preparedness for next year’s hurricane season in Wilmington, North Carolina and order Bahama shutters from Empire Construction & Development.