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Where to Buy Affordable Storm Panels in Hilton Head, South Carolina

South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island is famous among golfers and golfing fans, resort-goers, and beach aficionados. This charming southern island provides plenty of outdoor activities for locals and tourist alike, but every so often it becomes time to shutter up. When a hurricane or tropical storm from the Atlantic threatens South Carolina’s coast, Hilton Head may be in the direct line of impact. Homeowners and commercial building owners in Hilton head can protect their building s from storm damage by installing high-quality hurricane shutters on their windows and doors.

Installing storm panels is an effective way cover your windows before a storm in order to protect your windows against damage from high wind speeds, heavy rain, and flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm in Hilton Head, South Carolina. At Empire Construction & Development, we provide durable, affordable hurricane panels to our customers in Hilton Head and throughout coastal South Carolina. Our aluminum storm panels and clear storm panels can be used on standard window sizes and can be used on windows that aren’t standard sizes too. If you have windows, sliding doors, patio doors, garage doors, storefront windows or other window or door openings on your building in Hilton Head, storm panels from Empire Construction & Development may be just the hurricane protection product you’re looking for.

Clear Storm Panels at Patio Area

Clear Storm Panels at Patio Area

Our silver aluminum storm panels and clear polycarbonate storm panels are:

*Designed with a 2-inch rise panel design, making them significantly stronger than flat panels or plywood

*Built to adhere to the most stringent wind codes in the country, making them able to withstand strong storms of all kinds

*Easy to put up and take down, with or without panel track

*Easy to stack and store until they’re needed again

If you don’t want to have storm shutters on your building in Hilton Head year-round, storm panels are a great storm protection option. You can put them up before a storm, and use them only when needed. If you want a storm shutter that you can see through, our clear storm panels are a great shutter option. These panels provide excellent hurricane and tropical storm protection, and they’ll still let light into your home or commercial building in Hilton Head, and allow you to see out of your windows. Clear panels are great for business owners – you can put these panels over your storefront or other windows and leave them up all hurricane season, without looking like your store, restaurant, bar or office building on Hilton Head Island is shuttered up and closed for business. If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your home, rental property, or other building in Hilton Head from storm damage, storm panels are a great choice. Storm panels are, on average, less expensive than other types of storm shutters and provide dependable storm protection year after year.

For a free quote on the cost of ordering storm panels in Hilton Head, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 for questions about finding the best storm shutters for your home in Hilton Head, and to hear about our hurricane panel deals this month. Get strong and affordable aluminum and clear hurricane panels in Hilton Head, South Carolina from Empire Construction & Development, and have your storm protection ready to go this hurricane season.