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Accordion Storm Shutters from are the #1 Choice in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, Florida

When you’re shopping for shutters in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, don’t settle for just any window and door protection. Hurricane protection, tropical storm protection, and window security is serious business in Florida. If you’re looking for shutters to permanently install on your home or business for storm protection, anti-theft measures, and more, get the best storm and security shutters in Melbourne and Cocoa Beach, Florida from

Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are a popular, dependable way to protect your home or business from:


*Tropical storms

*Sun and heat

*High winds



And more. Installing the best accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your residential or commercial building in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, Florida is an affordable way to get storm protection and anti-theft protection.

Accordion Shutters in White

Hurricanes, tropical storms and other seasonal storms can mean trouble for your windows, doors, patio or storefront. High winds and flying debris can crack or break your windows, damage your doors, and leave your home or business vulnerable to water and wind damage. By covering windows, doors, and other openings with aluminum accordion shutters in Brevard County, you are protecting these vulnerable areas with a strong barrier. Affordable accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are built to withstand high winds speeds and impact, and can be used on commercial and residential buildings in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, Florida.

If you’ve put a lot into your home, office, hotel, restaurant, bar or retail store, don’t let burglars undo your hard work. Broken windows, property damage due to break-ins can be expensive to repair and upsetting and unsafe. Securely cover your windows, doors, and other open areas on your building for overnight protection, added security when you’re out of town, and overall peace of mind. Durable accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are easy to use – they glide along a built-in track and fold at the sides of each window and door when open. Protecting your home or business in Melbourne and Cocoa Beach is easy with these strong security and storm shutters.

Our accordion shutters are made-to-order and designed for maximum storm protection and security. Don’t leave your windows and doors unprotected – get the #1 shutters for storm protection and security in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, Florida when you buy accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are available to homeowners and business owners in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, Florida online at Contact us with your window and door measurements for a free quote on the price of accordion shutters. Call: 888-474-3555 for questions about your shutter order, finding the best shutters for your home or business, and anything else we can help you with. Keep your building safe with the top shutter choice in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, Florida with accordion shutters from