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Protect Your Patios, Balconies, Terraces, and Storefronts in Delray Beach, Florida

Homeowners love accordion shutters. Business owners love accordion shutters. What makes this type of shutter the most popular shutter in Delray Beach? Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are an affordable, easy, and dependable way to protect homes and businesses from all kinds of threats.

Protecting your windows and doors from hurricanes and other storms, extreme weather, and break-ins is important. But these openings aren’t the only area of your building you should secure. Whether you want to protect your home or business in South Florida against powerful storms, theft, or both – you should also secure areas like patios, balconies, terraces, and storefronts with strong accordion shutters. And accordion shutters in Delray Beach, Florida made by Empire Construction & Development are the best storm and security shutters for the job.

Our affordable accordion shutters in Delray Beach are made of strong aluminum that will hold up during hurricanes and severe weather. These shutters are designed to meet the toughest wind codes in the country and are made to withstand impact and extreme conditions. Accordion shutters can be permanently installed on homes and commercial buildings for reliable storm protection and building security.

Accordion Shutters in White

Your home remodeling project may not be complete without accordion shutters. While you’re updating your home and adding new home fixtures, don’t forget to protect your investment. Prevent costly storm damage and property damage due to theft by installing accordion storm and security shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your home. Installing our expertly-designed accordion shutters on your home can increase the value of your home and let you quickly prepare for storms. If you want another type of shutter, take a look at the great shutters for homes and businesses in Delray Beach, Florida that we manufacture.

Get accordion shutters for an older home that may not be equipped with up-to-date storm protection. Preparing for the next hurricane or tropical storm will be a lot easier once you have the best accordion storm shutters in Broward County installed on your windows, glass doors, patio area, balcony, and other openings on your property. These strong accordion shutters slide open and closed along a track and are made with a locking device. Securing your home before a storm will be easy.

Get accordion shutters for your restaurant, store, or other business for storm protection and added security you can count on. Accordion shutters let you close up your restaurant, bar, or retail store before a storm and they let you lock up your business overnight too. If you want shutters that are great at preventing break-ins and theft, our popular accordion shutters are a great choice.

Get the shutters you need for your home or business at For the cost of accordion shutters in Delray Beach, contact us for a price quote. For questions about shutter installation and more, call: 888-474-3555. Protect your entire home or business in Delray Beach, Florida with accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development.