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Grow your South Carolina business by becoming a distributor of quality storm and security shutters

The Atlantic hurricane season begins each year on June 1st and ends on November 30th. On average, 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes, form over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or Gulf of Mexico during the hurricane season.  For those of us who grew up in hurricane-prone areas, we know that the season can begin much earlier or end much later.

Although South Carolina has experienced fewer hurricanes than other coast cities along the eastern seaboard, it is still quite vulnerable to extreme weather and can suffer the damaging effects of severe storms. On Oct. 8, 2016, Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful storm of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  This devastating hurricane resulted in 25 deaths and caused extreme rainfall and deadly flooding.  And yet it was only documented as a category 1 storm.  As you can see, a hurricane – regardless of its category rating, can cause significant and tragic loss of life and property damage.

According to historical weather records, one to two hurricanes make landfall on the East Coast every year, and of those, at least 11% of them reach South Carolina. In a time where we are seeing more frequent and intense storms, South Carolina residents are becoming more aware and more savvy about protecting their loved ones and their possessions.

South Carolinians are no longer waiting until the last minute to prepare for the potential threat of major weather conditions. Running to the hardware store for plywood as a storm approaches is stressful and dangerous. Long lines waiting for wood followed by perilous attempts to secure heavy lumber while dangling from a ladder is the last thing anyone wants to do when a hurricane is threatening.

That’s why, now more than ever, there is a huge demand for Hurricane shutter distributors in the Carolinas. If you have been thinking about adding shutters to your product line, there’s no better time than today to join our team of hurricane shutter distributors. All you need to succeed is the desire to help people and the willingness to work with Empire Construction & Development. Our distributors get exclusive access to our worldwide shutter installer network and can earn additional revenue for their company. We will also provide you with leads for shutter purchasers in need of shutter installers, plus training materials and detailed instructions on how all of our products are installed.

At Empire Construction & Development, we know that everyone’s budget requirements are not the same and because we cut out the middle man, we can reward our dealers and their customers with huge savings. When you don’t have the added expense of a brick and mortar overhead or space for storage, your money stays in your pocket. Give us a call and let us show you how to grow your shutter business in South Carolina. We have the contacts and the know-how plus first-hand knowledge of how to develop a successful shutter distributorship in your area.

Our attractive marketing materials will help you promote your shutter business and include brochures for each product type plus product drawings that can be downloaded and printed directly from our website. For a minimal upfront fee, we will send working samples of our products.

Hurricane shutter distributors in South Carolina are in demand.  Isn’t it about time you get in on this lucrative opportunity to expand your income stream? When you become one of our shutter distributors, we will do absolutely everything we can to help you succeed. You will have an entire team behind you to help you maximize your business.

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