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Electric Hurricane Shutters for Miami Residents

Electric hurricane shutters are a type of shutter-system that support electrical along with manual use. Roll-down and accordion shutters lend themselves to electric use technology. The advantage with these shutters is that they are easy to use by all. It can be quite an endeavor to roll down shutters manually with the help of a….

Hurricane Shutters – Sarasota Home Owners Should Have Them

If you’re a home owner in Sarasota, Florida then chances are that you already have hurricane shutters installed. You know the value of your property and the kind of damage that hurricane can inflict if given half a chance to enter inside the house. Choose shutters that are missile-impact tested and confirm to the building….

Bahama Shutters – Exterior Shutters for Your Doors and Windows

Bahama Shutters are unique; they are a natural protection for your doors and windows and add great appeal to the architecture. It offers protection against winds, rains, sun, wind, dust, and also privacy. These shutters are popular in Florida and add to the value to the external appearance of a structure – great for kerb….

Hurricane Shutters – Tampa has Some of the Best

Tampa, Florida is home to some of the best hurricane protection gear that you can purchase. And with good reason, Tampa residents are vulnerable to hurricanes every year when the season arrives. The ideal hurricane shutter contractor will not only install but also provide good after-sales service. Of course, it all begins with giving the….

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane shutters are definitely a necessity for residents of Fort Lauderdale. The area comes under the hurricane zone and you don’t have to experience a Category 5 hurricane for damage to your property. Hurricane shutter contractors in Fort Lauderdale will provide you with a free estimate for putting up shutters at your place. Here are….

Bahama Shutters – Florida Natives Love Them

Bahama shutters were once an integral part of Florida architecture and are still to be seen gracing the windows of many homes. Originally made of wood, these shutters are now available in aluminum which is easier to maintain and also much more durable. Bahama shutters are top mounted on the outside and can open up….

Colonial Hurricane Shutters for Optimum Storm Protection

Colonial hurricane shutters along with Bahama shutters are favored by those that wish for hurricane protection and a traditional look. Colonial shutters add a decorative touch and are in use all over America. Today, most colonial storm shutters are made from heavy gauge aluminum that is powder-coated. The result is shutter protection that is long-lasting;….

Roll-up Hurricane Shutters are a Good Protection Option

Roll-up hurricane shutters are the ones that can be rolled up or down and are a great hurricane protection option for a number of reasons. These shutters provide not just hurricane protection but also insulation against heat and dust; they protect your privacy; and provide a great second level of security. Made from polymers or….

Hurricane Roll Up Shutters Will Protect You

Hurricane roll up shutters are a popular hurricane protection product and for good reason. They have a built-in feel and do not stick out like a sore thumb. There is very little visual evidence that these shutters are present until they are rolled out. These shutters are not difficult to install and once installed you….

Hurricane Shutters – Florida Residents Need Them

Hurricane shutters in Florida are a necessity for the residents; it is a choice between hurricane shutters and property damage every year from hurricane winds and flying debris – and that’s not much of a choice. Florida residents still shudder at the events of August 24th, 1992 when Hurricane Andrew came visiting them and left….