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Emily And Eugene Wane but This Looks Like a Bumper Storm Season

Hurricane Eugene has been downgraded to the level of a tropical storm and there are no longer and watches or warnings in effect with respect to this one. It has more or less fizzled out over the Pacific and there is no threat to land from it. It is presently located 935 miles west-southwest of….

Window Security Shutters Installation

Window security shutters as the name implies provide security to windows and also help keep heat and dust out of the rooms. They also help protect your privacy. The foremost use of these shutters of course is to ensure window security in case of hurricanes. So, if you are living in a hurricane-prone area then….

Florida Hurricane Shutters – A Necessity for Homeowners

If you reside in the coastal U.S state of Florida then your home and property are annually at risk from hurricanes. The hurricane season is on right now and will be in full swing till the end of September. Hurricane shutters are the best protection against hurricane damage;of course a hurricane like Katrina or Andrew….

Bahama Hurricane Shutters – Protection for Your Florida Homes

Old-time residents of Florida will be very well acquainted with Bahama hurricane shutters that were a rage in the 50s and the 60s. These shutters are rugged, made from extruded aluminum and offer protection against hurricane winds, dust, and heat. They can amply fulfill your hurricane protection needs. You get a view of the outside….

Hurricane Shutters Clear Panels for Storm Protection

Clear hurricane shutter panels offer useful protection when the storm season arrives. Made from extruded polycarbonate, these panels retain their shape when stressed and also enable clear viewing. These shutters come with a warranty against yellowing, breaking, and offer good light transmission. The period of warranty may vary with the manufacturer. A single panel that….

Hurricane Shutters – Miami Residents and Installation Considerations

If  you’re a resident of Miami then you need hurricane shutters. The region falls under the hurricane zone and there are a number of established Miami hurricane shutter manufacturers. You can choose from storm panels, accordion shutters, colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, or roll down shutters. Keep in mind though that this is a one-time investment and….

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Florida

A great benefit of accordion hurricane shutters is the ease with which these can be fitted. If you are a Florida resident and planning to purchase and install this type of a shutter then first and foremost you should ensure that the product conforms to Miami-Dade and Florida Building Codes. If you use building code….

Rolling Hurricane Shutters – Installation Questions to Ask

If  you are planning to have rolling hurricane shutters installed then you should make it a point to get a few facts cleared with the prospective installer by asking questions. The first or let’s say a very important question to ask is if the installer is insured. If an installer has worker liabilities covered then….

Know Your Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a necessity for dwellers of coastal regions in the U.S. Roll-down hurricane shutters are widely preferred by home-owners for a number of reasons. Not only are these convenient and easy to deploy; they provide excellent protection from all kinds of debris that doors and windows would otherwise be vulnerable to. Once installed….

A Category-Wise Attribute Comparison of Hurricanes

Hurricanes are categorized on the Saffir-Simpson scale and ranked from 1 to 5. Let us take a quick look at how different hurricanes compare on parameters such as wind speed, storm surges, etc. The figures mentioned here allow meteorologists to take call on the extent of evacuation necessary and infrastructure preparation to be done. Category One….