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South Bay Florida Impact Hurricane windows

In South Bay, Florida, sunny weather and water activities are the norm. But do you know what else is normal for this beautiful city? Hurricanes and tropical storms are normal for Florida. Hurricane season comes every year, and Florida is the state most hit by hurricanes in the United States, and residents know that it….

Riviera Beach Impact Hurricane windows

Riviera Beach bills itself as the best waterfront city in which to live, work and play. And they’re right – Riviera Beach is a wonderful place. It’s a harbor city right on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Florida, and boasts some of the best beaches in the state. They have a year round average temperature….

West Palm Beach Impact Hurricane Windows

West Palm Beach is a well known night time hotspot, and people come from all over the country to visit there. It has everything you want in a vacation site – warm, sunny weather, palm trees everywhere, a historic district and shopping district, and access to the water anytime you want it. It’s like heaven….

Palm Springs, Florida and Impact Hurricane Windows

Florida is probably not the state you think of when you hear the name Palm Springs. But this town has it all over that other Palm Springs – who wants to live in the desert, when you can live in sunny Florida, with access to beaches and the warm waters of the ocean? It’s a….

Impact Hurricane Windows in Palm Beach for Energy and Emergency Management

Palm Beach is a barrier island, and it is sixteen miles long. It’s located 65 miles from Miami, Florida, and is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Intracoastal Waterway. This keeps Palm Beach separate from West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. It’s close to the Gulf Stream’s….

Ocean Ridge Hurricane Impact windows

Ocean Ridge, Florida offers residents a great place to live. Sunshine and warm weather in a genial atmosphere are hard to beat – but Ocean Ridge doesn’t try to pretend that nothing bad ever happens in Florida. That’s why they offer an entire range of hurricane preparedness services, to help their residents and visitors alike….

Energy Savings and Home Protection with Impact Hurricane windows in Lantana, florida

Lantana Florida doubles by half again during tourist season. They are ready for visitors, and they know that tourism is big business and should be a priority. What is also a priority in Lantana is sustainable energy. Lantana was recently awarded a grant to install several types of energy-saving equipment to convert an old building….

Saving Money and Energy in Lake Worth Florida with Impact Hurricane Windows

Right in the heart of Palm Beach County lies Lake Worth, a city right on the lake, of course, as the name implies. It’s also bordered by the Atlantic, giving it a double whammy of possible areas of storm surge when a hurricane or tropical storm hits the area. They’re a town that thinks their….

Storm Preparation in Jupiter Florida with Impact Hurricane windows

Jupiter Florida takes hurricanes seriously, and so should you. They offer a way to develop your family’s hurricane preparedness plan, and offer links on their website. They tell you to visit the Florida Department of Emergency Management’s disaster preparedness website and use their interactive online tool to prepare and print your family’s plan. This creates….

Hurricane Preparation with Impact Resistant Windows in Juno Beach Florida

The town of Juno Beach, Florida is prepared for hurricanes. A hurricane emergency is declared as soon as the National Weather Service issues a hurricane warning for the area, and then the town’s Emergency Operations plan kicks into effect, staying in operation until the storm has passed. They even have a plan in place to….