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How to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes in Calhoun County, Florida with Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Anyone who has ever been through a hurricane knows how unpredictable these storms can be. A small storm can do more damage than expected, and a large storm can grow even larger and more dangerous when it reaches the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. What starts out as wind and rain can leave a trail of damage that takes weeks or months to clean up. Even inland cities of Florida’s panhandle may be at risk when it comes to a hurricane or a tropical storm. To protect your home or other building from damage due to hurricanes, tropical storms, and other bad weather in Calhoun County, you can install accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development on your windows and doors.



You can use our sturdy accordion shutters to protect against:

*Flying debris

*Wind damage


*Broken glass


and other hazards during a storm in Calhoun County. Accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. These shutters close securely over windows, doors, storefront windows, and can be used on large openings like patio areas, balconies, warehouse doors, and more. Accordion shutters also make excellent security shutters for your home, store, or business in northern Florida. Our accordion hurricane shutters can be installed by a handy homeowner who wants to tackle a DIY project, by a handyman, or by a contractor in Calhoun County.


At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture accordion shutters to custom fit the windows, doors, and other openings on our customers’ homes and commercial buildings. When you tell us the shutter sizes you need for your building in Calhoun County, we will make shutters for you. You can choose from four colors for your accordion shutters: white, ivory, beige, or bronze. If you are looking for a shutter that you don’t have to put up and take down, and that is easy to open and close, consider our accordion storm shutters. Accordion hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development adhere to the strictest wind codes in the country and are engineered to withstand hurricanes and other storms.


We provide storm protection products that help keep our customers and their homes safe during storms. In addition to accordion shutters we also custom-make rolling storm shutters, Colonial storm shutters, Bahama storm shutters, and we sell aluminum storm panels, clear storm panels and more. Whatever type of storm shutter you’re looking for, find it at


Accordion shutters are an affordable and reliable way to secure your home or commercial property from storm damage in Florida’s panhandle. To get a price for accordion storm shutters, contact us or call: 888-474-3555 to discuss your order and hear about our storm shutter deals this month. Cover your windows and doors with accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development and stay protected during a hurricane in Calhoun County.

Hurricanes Are on the Horizon- Washington County, FL! You need to take caution!

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Hurricanes are not a joking matter! They are serious and can cause a lot of harm and trouble for a community, and even more so for a county! People can get injured and even be killed from the destruction that a hurricane creates. The way of life after a hurricane is altered for a long period of time while people try to rebuild what they lost. Businesses are destroyed, or are without power or are unable to receive their merchandise can further delay the community’s effort to get back on its feet, due to insufficient resources and access. It’s heartbreaking to see what happens! That’s why it’s imperative to start taking the steps needed to ensure that you don’t have to go through all the horror of hurricanes can cause, by preparing in advance! Empire Construction & Development and its state-of-the-art hurricane shutters will not only get you through a hurricane, but they will last for many more storms to come in the future!


Empire Construction & Development’s Accordion Hurricane Shutters are made especially for windows and doors, storefronts, securing patios, terraces, and balconies, with large expanses all for any house or business in Washington County, Florida. Accordion Hurricane Shutters lock securely for maximum protection against storms, high-winds, and forcible entry and are the best for affordability, protection, and ease-of-use! Due to them being easy to operate, they can be installed in any length because the quality of not having a required reinforcement with vertical braces or supports. These hurricane shutters are the best and here’s why.



The benefits of the Accordion Hurricane Shutters are:

*When closed, our accordion shutters provide insulation between shutter and window to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

*Extruded aluminum slats effectively block strong winds and direct sunlight

*Tamper-proof operation

*Folds easily for compact storage

*Heavy duty locking device reinforces point of closure

*Specially designed optional key locks for external

*Unparalleled ease of operation

*Glides smoothly and locks securely!


Why wait around? Hurricane season is upon us now! Go get some protection that will last you a long time, not just for one storm. Don’t settle for anything other than the best! Empire Construction & Development IS the best! Get the Accordion Hurricane Shutters now and keep your business or home in Washington County, FL safe today! Call Today: 954-474-3557 or 1-888-474-3555 for a FREE quote in your area or try out their online estimation tool to get a price quote. Once you see all that Empire Construction & Development could provide for your needs, you will understand why everyone in Washington County, FL recommends Empire Construction & Development for all their security and protection desires. You won’t regret your decision with Accordion Hurricane Shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, you will be amazed!

How Accordion Shutters Can Keep Homes and Commercial Buildings in Bay County, FL Safe from Hurricanes

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

If you live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you are no strange to hurricane preparation. Every few years, a storm passes through the Gulf and sometimes makes a direct hit to Florida’s panhandle, as Hurricane Michael did recently. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes can devastate an area and require massive cleanup efforts. If your town is in the projected path of a hurricane, the best thing you can do is to be prepared. If an evacuation is ordered, get to a safe area while you are able to do so. If you’re able to stay in your home, make sure you have water and other supplies. And whether you stay in your home or leave town before a hurricane hits, you can secure your doors and windows with storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Most hurricanes bring high winds and heavy rainfall to an area. These conditions will likely pose a threat to your property in Bay County, FL. Hurricane-force winds can be strong enough to turn ordinary objects into dangerous flying projectiles, which can break uncovered windows. Window damage during a hurricane is dangerous in more ways than one – your home’s structure is compromised, broken glass and flying debris enters your home, and rain pours in. You can protect against wind and water damage with sturdy aluminum accordion shutters, manufactured and sold by Empire Construction & Development.

Accordion shutters are among the best hurricane shutters for homes and commercial buildings in Bay County, Florida. Accordion shutters manufactured by Empire Construction & Development are:

*Custom-Built – We make custom-sized accordion shutters to fit each of the windows and doors in your order. We build shutters to the window and door measurements you provide us with.

*Easy to Use – Accordion hurricane shutters are easily installed on the right and left side of each opening, and pull shut along a built-in track. Your windows and doors can be secured quickly and easily – one reason that hurricane shutters are better than plywood.

*Strong and Reliable – Our accordion shutters are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, tropical storms, and other bad weather. Strong aluminum slats effectively block high windspeeds and shield your windows from debris. Accordion storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development meet the most stringent wind code standards in the country and are a valuable addition to any building in a storm-prone area.


Your home, office building, hotel, restaurant or storefront in Bay County can be secured from storms when you order hurricane shutters online from Along with accordion shutters, we provide many other great storm protection products to our customers in Bay County and throughout the Gulf Coast. For a free quote on accordion shutters or another type of shutter for your windows and doors, contact us today. Keep your home or commercial building in Bay County safe from storms with accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Florida

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

A great benefit of accordion hurricane shutters is the ease with which these can be fitted. If you are a Florida resident and planning to purchase and install this type of a shutter then first and foremost you should ensure that the product conforms to Miami-Dade and Florida Building Codes. If you use building code approved products you are very likely eligible for insurance savings; i.e. you have to pay a discounted premium every year. Ideally, go for an installer that offers approved accordion hurricane shutters and is also willing to obtain the installation permit for you. As mentioned above, it takes very little time to secure a house with accordion shutters. They are available in a number of sizes and are well-suited for openings of any height and width. Once installed, these shutters are easy to manipulate and you can operate them from outside or inside your home.

Accordion shutters being permanently installed will not occupy storage space but be sure to get a proper quote from the installer on the total charges for the product; the cost will vary with the product patented to your situation, for example, there may be obstructions to the path of the shutter and the distance of the shutter from the glass. HV-BERTHA accordion hurricane shutters are the best ones out there in the market; these are made of stainless steel and capable of withstanding corrosive salty air coming in from the sea. The shutters are easy to lock and put in place. Check for the length of warranty and any guarantee that accompanies the product.