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Where Can You Order Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters in Okaloosa County, Florida?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018


Are you using plywood or flat storm panels to cover your windows before a hurricane in Okaloosa County? Are you tired of struggling with heavy, awkward panels or plywood? Are you running out of storage space in your garage or shed? If you are using these storm protection products, or you don’t have any storm protection on your windows at all, think about upgrading your home’s safety with sturdy, convenient roll-down hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Homes and commercial buildings from Destin to Crestview can benefit from strong and reliable rolling storm shutters. These shutters are easy to use – they are installed above each window and door and you simply roll them down when you need them. Your rolling shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be operated by your choice of a manual crank, a standard motor, or an upgraded Hertz motor (that comes with a remote control.) Before a storm moves in from the Gulf, you can quickly secure your property in Okaloosa County.



Living close to the beach in Okaloosa County has a ton of plusses, but it can potentially leave you in the path of an incoming storm. Residents of Florida’s panhandle should make sure they have storm protection on their buildings. And when you’re looking for storm protection, don’t settle for just any hurricane shutters – get high-quality, custom built shutters from Empire Construction & Development. Our rolling shutters are made from tough aluminum, and built to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and other storm dangers.


Roll-down shutters can be used on some or all of your windows as security shutters too. These strong aluminum hurricane shutters can protect your home from break-ins while you’re out of town, or just give you some extra security overnight in Okaloosa County. Roll-down shutters from Empire Construction & Development let you cover your windows, sliding patio doors, and more whenever you need to.


At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture hurricane shutters for homes, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, and more. Our shutters help to protect the homes and commercial buildings of our customers throughout the US and beyond. See what our customers have to say about our storm shutters. If you’re looking for another type of hurricane shutter instead of rolling shutters, we manufacture:

*Accordion Hurricane Shutters

*Bahama Hurricane Shutters

*Colonial Hurricane Shutters

And we sell specially designed storm panels, hurricane fabric and more to customers in Okaloosa County.


Ordering roll-down storm shutters in Okaloosa County is simple when you order your hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development. Contact us with your window measurements for a free price quote on rolling shutters, or call: 888-474-3555 with any questions and to hear about our hurricane shutter deals this month. Order rolling shutters from Empire Construction & Development and keep your home in Okaloosa County safe!

Know Your Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Hurricane shutters are a necessity for dwellers of coastal regions in the U.S. Roll-down hurricane shutters are widely preferred by home-owners for a number of reasons. Not only are these convenient and easy to deploy; they provide excellent protection from all kinds of debris that doors and windows would otherwise be vulnerable to. Once installed roll-down hurricane shutters don’t have to be removed and stored away once the season is over. They are placed above the opening and pulled down either by hand, by a crank, or an electric motor – not very different from aluminum garage doors. Another benefit of these shutters is that they can keep light, heat, and dust out of the rooms. This keeps the paint fresh, delays fading, and furnishings clean. They also keep out external noise and add to the peace of your surroundings.

Your roll down hurricane shutters will protect you from hurricane force winds. You can actually pull down the shutters remotely via electric buttons. There are enough and more color schemes to meet your discerning standards. The machine-formed aluminum hoods that contain the rolled up shutters are of sturdy construction. The reel on which the shutter is rolled over is rigidly fastened to the sides of the housing and is resilient. The housing is caulked and weather-proofed. If you choose to installed motorized roll over storm shutters then ensure that the company sends over a qualified electrician who wires the assembly properly and in a safe manner. You can compare rates online; get your questions answered; and find out the level of testing done on the shutters you choose to install.